v3 dashboard preview

The v3 Developer Preview begins in a couple of weeks. So it's the perfect time to share some of the changes coming to our dashboard.

If you haven't already you should sign up for early access. I'll wait here.

Runs with realtime traces

A flat log of events is hard to follow, especially when dealing with a complex task with lots of asynchronous operations. Luckily there's a great existing solution for this: traces.

We're using OpenTelemetry to give you realtime traces on your tasks. That means you can see a hierarchical view of everything that's happening, including the span of time, logs, and any subtasks you've triggered.

Fun fact: OpenTelemetry doesn't support pending spans so we had to perform some wizardry to get the correct hierarchy even while a task is still running.

View every log across all your tasks

Logs page

When you have a problem it's easier to search for a specific log across all your tasks. The new logs page has text search and advanced filtering so you can find problems faster. Then you can jump to see the associated run.

Test your tasks right from the dashboard


The new test page makes it faster to test a specific task and clearer which environment it will run against.

Create and manage environment variables

Environment variables

In v3 your code is deployed in a container. This has lots of advantages including no-timeouts and far better durability. It does mean you need to add any environment variables your code needs.

We will be shipping integrations with popular platforms like Vercel so you don't have to manually add/update these. But for now you can manage them directly in the dashboard.

View all your deployed tasks in one place


Every time you deploy, a new version of all your tasks is created. Any existing runs will continue to use the version they started on. But any runs that haven't started will use the latest version.

On the deployments page you can quickly see all the versions that have been deployed along with the associated tasks.