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Trigger workflows from APIs, on a schedule, or on demand. API calls are easy with authentication handled for you. Add durable delays that survive server restarts.

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Developer-first features

In your codebase

Create workflows where they belong: in your codebase. Version control, localhost, test, review, and deploy like you're used to.

Secure by design

Your workflows run on your servers, not ours. We only receive the data you choose to send to us.

Delays & scheduling

Run a workflow on a schedule (CRON), or add delays of up to 1 year. Workflows will resume where they left off, even if your server goes down.

Use the services you love

Subscribe to API changes and make requests. For supported integrations we’ll handle authentication for you. For everything else, simply use our generic fetch function to call any HTTP endpoint.

Support for 100+ APIs

Trigger toolkit

Install our SDK and get instant access to all of our triggers you can use in your code.


Subscribe to webhooks without creating API endpoints. Plus they work locally without tunneling.

github.events.issueEvent({ repo: "acme/website" })

Scheduled (CRON)

Easily subscribe to a recurring schedule using human readable code or CRON syntax.

scheduleEvent({ every: { minutes: 30 } })

Custom Events

Trigger workflows from any event in your app. Send us your events, and we'll do the rest.

customEvent({ name: "your.event", schema: YourEventSchema })

HTTP Endpoint (coming soon)

Expose an HTTP endpoint to trigger your workflows with the method and path of your choice.

httpEvent({ method: "POST", path: "/users/:id", schema: UserSchema })

Receive Emails (coming soon)

Receive emails from your custom domain and trigger a workflow with the email metadata and content.

emailEvent({ address: "[email protected]" })

AWS Event Bridge (coming soon)

Integrate with AWS Event Bridge to trigger workflows on your own Event Bridge events.

eventBridgeEvent({ bus: "customer-support", schema: CustomerSupportEventSchema })

Quick start using the Trigger.dev CLI

It is easy to get started with our CLI. Run this command in a terminal of your choice to create a project in seconds:

? What would you like to name your project? ./hello-world
Great! We're creating your project at ./hello-world
? Initialize a new git repository? Yes
Nice one! Initializing repository!
? Would you like us to run 'npm install'? Yes
Alright. We'll install the dependencies for you!
⠙ Copying github:triggerdotdev/hello-world to: ./hello-world...
hello-world copied successfully!
Installing dependencies...
Successfully installed dependencies! Initializing Git...
Successfully initialized and staged git
Next steps:
cd ./hello-world
npm run dev
visit https://app.trigger.dev to see your triggers

Batteries included

Debugging and visibility

We provide a full history of all runs, so you can see exactly what happened.

Runs diagram

Survives downtime

Workflows pick up where they left off when your server or external APIs go down.

Retries diagram

Go from idea to production in minutes



Write workflows by creating triggers directly in your code. These can be 3rd-party integrations, custom events or on a schedule.



When your server runs, your workflow will be registered and you can authenticate with any APIs you’re using.



Test your workflow by triggering manually in your dashboard. Follow it as it runs step-by-step.



Deploy your new workflow as you would any other code commit and inspect each workflow run in real time.

We ❤️ Open Source!

You’ll always be able to host and run Trigger.dev yourself. Join our community and star our repo to stay up to date.

We've also created JSON Hero, an open source JSON viewer used by 30,000+ developers per month.

What are you waiting for?

Start creating powerful workflows in your code now.