New v2 projects are disabled

From today, organizations using the Cloud won't be able to create new v2 projects by default. OK, what does this mean and why?

v3 is the future

Whilst v3 is in Developer Preview, it's already far more capable than v2 in many areas. It's fundamentally better for writing background jobs than v2 and similar products from competitors.

More importantly, we're at the point now where we think it would be a mistake for someone creating a new project to use v2 when they can choose v3.

View the v3 feature matrix to see what is currently supported. Message us on Discord if you need a feature – this helps us prioritize work.


If you're using another open source tool that relies on v2 then we'll make an exception and enable new v2 projects for your account. Let us know if this is the case.

Existing v2 projects

This change doesn't impact existing v2 projects, they will continue to work as normal. We continue to make reliability improvements for v2 but no new features will ship now.


Of course, you can continue to self-host v2. This change doesn't impact self-hosters at all – creating new v2 projects is enabled by default when self-hosting.

If you need urgent access to v3 then please message us on Discord and we'll see what we can do.