Package and Server updates

Server v2.2.4

These additional changes made it into the server in v2.2.4:

await io.runTask(
async () => {
// do something cubey here
{ icon: "3d-cube-sphere" }

  • [6d3b761c][@hmacr] Fixed run list pagination
  • [5ea6a49d] Made the app work very basically on mobile devices
  • [627c767c] Fixed an issue where webhook triggers would erronously attempt to re-register whenever jobs were indexed.[email protected]

  • [6769d6b4]: Detects JSRuntime (Node/Deno at the moment). Adds basic Deno support
  • [9df93d07]: Improve create-integration output. Use templates and shared configs.
  • [50e31924]: add ability to use custom tunnel in dev command
  • [0adf41c7]: Added Next.js maxDuration commented out to the api/trigger file using CLI init

How to update

The Cloud is now running v2.2.4. If you are self-hosting you can upgrade by pinning to the v2.2.4 tag.

The* packages are now at v2.2.2. You can update using the following command:

npx update