Improved error messages when defining your jobs

For your Jobs to work they need to be registered with the server (cloud or self-hosted). When they're registered we can trigger runs.

We've just fixed a major problem: we now show errors in your Job definitions so you can fix them. Before you had no idea why they weren't appearing or being updated in the dashboard.

In the console

When you run npx dev you'll now see any errors with your Job definitions.

In this case, we've set an interval of less than 60 seconds on our intervalTrigger, and we've left the name off a Job:

The console now shows errors

In the dashboard

These errors are also shown on the "Environments" page of the dashboard. You can manually refresh from this page as well, which is useful for Staging/Production if you haven't setup automatic refreshing.

The dashboard now shows errors

Other changes


  • Added a filter for active jobs in the dashboard (PR #601 by hmacr)
  • Replaced React Hot Toast with Sonner toasts (Issue #555 by arjunindiai)
  • Upgraded packages to use Node 18 and fetch instead of node-fetch (PR #581 by Rutam21)
  • Added contributors section to (PR #594 by mohitd404)
  • Added SvelteKit adaptor (PR #467 by Chigala)


  • intervalTriggers of >10 mins didn't ever start in Staging/Prod (Issue #611)
  • Improved the robustness and error reporting for login with magic link

How to update

The Cloud is now running v2.2.0. If you are self-hosting you can upgrade by pinning to the v2.2.0 tag.

The* packages are now at v2.2.0. You can update using the following command:

npx update