Usage and billing

James RitchieJames Ritchie

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You may have noticed the Usage and Billing page in the app has had a bit of a face lift. You can now subscribe to a plan directly from the app and view your current monthly usage.


Usage is now separated into concurrent runs and runs. Concurrent runs are the number of runs that are currently running at the same time. Runs is the total number of runs that have been run in the current month.



Alongside the Usage page is a new Plans tab where you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription as well as estimate your monthly usage using the calculator.

We've made the free plan more generous – with 10,000 runs per month and up to 5 concurrent runs. Of course, you can also always self-host.

If you need more than 10,000 runs per month or a greater number of concurrent runs, you can upgrade to the paid plans from this page.

As a special gesture this month, we’re increasing the concurrent runs to 25 for all free users (until January 1st).