What is Trigger.dev (v3)?

Trigger.dev v3 makes it easy to write reliable long-running tasks without timeouts.

  • We run your tasks with no timeouts. You don’t have to manage any infrastructure (unless you self-host). Workers are automatically scaled and managed for you.
  • We provide a multi-tenant queue that is used when triggering tasks.
  • We provide an SDK and CLI for writing tasks in your existing codebase, inside /trigger folders.
  • We provide different types of tasks: regular and scheduled.
  • We provide a dashboard for monitoring, debugging, and managing your tasks.

We’re open source and you can choose to use the Trigger.dev Cloud or Self-host Trigger.dev on your own infrastructure.

Getting started

Getting help

We’d love to hear from you or give you a hand getting started. Here are some ways to get in touch with us. We’d also ❤️ your support.