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// Generate an image using OpenAI Dall-E 3
export const generateContent = task({
id: "generate-content",
retry: {
maxAttempts: 3,
run: async ({ theme, description }: Payload) => {
const textResult = await{
model: "gpt-4o",
messages: generateTextPrompt(theme, description),
if (!textResult.choices[0]) {
throw new Error("No content, retrying…");
const imageResult = await openai.images.generate({
model: "dall-e-3",
prompt: generateImagePrompt(theme, description),
if (![0]) {
throw new Error("No image, retrying…");
return {
text: textResult.choices[0],

Reliably call AI APIs with no timeouts, automatic retrying, and tracing. Use existing Node.js SDKs and code from your repo.

Trusted by developers at companies all over the world

How it works

Deploy and scale to any size

No timeouts

Write simple, reliable code and never hit a timeout.

Pay for what you use

Only pay when your code is actually executing.

No servers to manage

We deploy your tasks and handle scaling for you.

Find and fix bugs fast

Alerts for errors

Get notified via email, Slack or webhooks when your tasks or deployments fail.


Advanced filtering

Find runs fast using advanced filtering options, then apply bulk actions to multiple tasks at once.



Each deploy is an atomic version ensuring started tasks are not affected by code changes.


Reliable by default

import { task } from "";
export const simpleTask = task({
id: "simple-task",
retry: {
maxAttempts: 3,
minTimeoutInMs: 1000,
maxTimeoutInMs: 5000,
factor: 2,
randomize: true,
run: async (payload, { ctx }) => {
logger.log(`Attempt ${ctx.attempt.number}`);
try {
throw new Error("This is an error.");
} catch (error) {
// The error was caught, so no retry
throw new Error("This will cause a retry.");

Works with your existing tech stack…

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We love open source. is Apache 2.0 licensed so you can view the source code, contribute and self-host.

Loved by developers is redefining background jobs for modern developers.

Paul Copplestone


Supabase + ' logo'

I ****ing love - really has been the missing piece in the puzzle for me going full serverless.

Pontus Abrahamsson


Midday + ' logo' helps us deliver messages over WhatsApp, run thousands of jobs with custom LLM workflows, and execute ETL processes to sync our data across multiple databases without breaking a sweat!

Patryk Maron


DRPCRD + ' logo'

The first time I used, I had an a-ha moment, I no longer needed to set up everything with ECS or Lambda. What also stands out is the exceptional support, unlike any I've seen in the web community.

Martin Ruzicka

P.S. Bridal

P.S. Bridal + ' logo'

We’ve been looking for a product like for a long time - automation that's simple and dev-focused.

Han Wang


Mintlify + ' logo'

We're using Trigger for our billing, background jobs and deployment pipeline without worrying about operations or infrastructure. It just works.

Andreas Thomas


Unkey + ' logo' is a breath of fresh air in a world of 20 second lambda timeouts. Trigger has world-class DX, support, and handles my long-running jobs with ease.

Ian Janicki


PropFeeds + ' logo'

I’m in love with – it’s so much better than the old bull.js + heroku + redis setup that I used to use. You’ve knocked it out of the park with this tool!

Kushal Byatnal


Extend + ' logo' has become my go-to tool for new projects. I no longer need an additional server and can forget about horizontal scaling!

Nevo David


Novu + ' logo'

For AI powered products, is my clear go-to tool for building robust serverless pipelines stitching together various LLM calls.

Evan Sandler


Blee + ' logo'

Trigger is packaging end-to-end cron, queues and webhooks platform in a slick interface. Integration was quick and we love the support ❤️

Aseem Gupta


Shaktimaan + ' logo'

Trigger’s managed infra and intuitive SDK allowed us to migrate our entire events engine in a day (with incredible support from the team).

Michael Parker

Turnout Labs

Turnout Labs + ' logo' helps us process bounties & tips on Algora without having to duct-tape queues & crons. With standardized timeouts, retries & logging we get full resilience & observability!

Zaf Cesur


Algora + ' logo' is a great way to automate email campaigns with Resend.

Zeno Rocha


Resend + ' logo'

Using for our Slack jobs saved us loads of time! It was much easier to set up than a no-code tool.

Vlad Matsiiako


Infisical + ' logo'

I really enjoyed using to create jobs through code. I found the API integrations and scheduling features super useful.

Adam Shiervani


BuildJet + ' logo'

We love and it’s had a big impact in dev iteration velocity already.

André Neves


ZBD + ' logo'

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