Update command

Run this command in your project:

npx trigger.dev@beta update

This will update all of the Trigger.dev packages in your project to the latest version.

Running the CLI locally

When you run the CLI locally use the latest version for the dev and deploy commands:

npx trigger.dev@beta dev
npx trigger.dev@beta deploy

These commands will also give you the option to upgrade if you are behind on versions.

Deploying with GitHub Actions

You can deploy using GitHub Actions. We recommend that you lock your version in the workflow file so make sure to upgrade.

The deploy step will fail if version mismatches are detected. It’s important that you update the version using the steps below.


Find your workflow file

In your .githubs/workflows folder you can find your workflow yml files. You may have a prod and staging one.


Update the version for the run command

In the steps you’ll see a run command. It will run the trigger.dev deploy CLI command. Make sure to update this version to the latest version (e.g. npx [email protected] deploy).

package.json dev dependency

Instead of using npx, pnpm dlx or yarn dlx you can add the Trigger.dev CLI as a dev dependency to your package.json file.

For example:

  "devDependencies": {
    "trigger.dev": "3.0.0-beta.48"

If you’ve done this make sure to update the version to match the @trigger.dev/sdk package.

Once you have added the trigger.dev package to your devDependencies, you can use npm exec trigger.dev, pnpm exec trigger.dev, or yarn exec trigger.dev to run the CLI.

But we recommend adding your dev and deploy commands to the scripts section of your package.json file:

  "scripts": {
    "dev:trigger": "trigger.dev dev",
    "deploy:trigger": "trigger.dev deploy"

Then you can run npm run dev:trigger and npm run deploy:trigger to run the CLI.