Regular tasksA task that can be triggered from anywhere
TriggeringTriggering and batch triggering tasks
Testing from the dashboardTest your tasks from the dashboard
Queues and concurrency controlsQueues and concurrency controls
Per-tenant queuingSeparate queues for each of your users
Reattempts and retryingWrite reliable tasks using retries
Atomic versioningEach deploy creates a new version
Deploy via CLIDeploy from the command line
Deploy via GitHub ActionsDeploy using GitHub Actions
AlertsAdd alerts in the UI for errors and deploys
Scheduled tasksA task that can be triggered on a schedule
Zod tasksDefine tasks using Zod schemas
Full text search of runsFind a run by searching the payload and output
Logs view with searchAll logs view with filtering and full text search
NotificationsSend data to your web app from a run

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