Tasks are executed after the job is triggered and are the main building blocks of a job. You can string together as many tasks as you want.

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Send an email with a body. Official SendGrid Docs

  // Using the 'io.sendgrid.sendEmail' method to send an email using SendGrid.
  await io.sendgrid.sendEmail({
    to: <recipient-email-address>, // Recipient's email address.
    from: "Your-Name <your-email-address>", // Sender's email address and name.
    subject: <email-subject>, // Email subject.
    text: <email-body>, // Plain text content of the email.

Example usage

In this example, we will send weekly summary emails to users who have summariesEnabled = true, at 4pm every Friday, and then posts the total numbers to Slack.

import { TriggerClient, cronTrigger } from "@trigger.dev/sdk";
import { SendGrid } from "@trigger.dev/sendgrid";
import { Slack } from "@trigger.dev/slack";
import { weeklySummaryDb } from "./mocks/db";
import { weeklySummaryEmail } from "./mocks/emails";

// Creating instances of SendGrid and Slack clients.
const sendgrid = new SendGrid({
  id: "sendgrid",
  apiKey: process.env.SENDGRID_API_KEY!,

const slack = new Slack({ id: "slack" });

// Defining a job that sends a weekly summary email to users and posts total numbers to Slack.
  id: "weekly-user-activity-summary", // Unique identifier for the job.
  name: "Weekly user activity summary", // A specific name for the job.
  version: "1.0.0", // Version number for the job.
  integrations: { sendgrid, slack }, // Integrating SendGrid and Slack clients into this job.
  trigger: cronTrigger({
    // Setting a cron schedule to run the job every Friday at 4 pm.
    cron: "0 16 * * 5",
  run: async (payload, io, ctx) => {
    // Inside the 'run' function, several operations are performed to send weekly summaries and post to Slack.

    // Retrieving a list of users from the weeklySummaryDb.
    const users = await weeklySummaryDb.getUsers();

    let sentCount = 0;
    let notSentCount = 0;

    // Iterating through the list of users.
    for (const user of users) {
      if (user.summariesEnabled) {
        // Sending a weekly summary email to users with summaries enabled.
        await io.sendgrid.sendEmail(`Weekly summary for ${user.id}`, {
          to: user.email,
          from: "[email protected]", // The sender's email.
          subject: "Your weekly summary",
          html: weeklySummaryEmail(user), // HTML content for the email.
      } else {

    // Posting a message to Slack with a summary of the sent and unsent emails.
    await io.slack.postMessage("Notify team", {
      text: `Weekly summary sent to ${sentCount} users and not sent to ${notSentCount} users`,
      channel: "YOUR_CHANNEL_ID", // Specify the Slack channel ID for posting the message.

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