You can use any API in your Jobs by using existing Node.js SDKs or HTTP requests. Integrations just make it much easier especially when you want to use OAuth. And you get great logging.

An Integration is a package you install that makes it easy to work with a specific API. They:

  • Create a connection to the API (using OAuth, API keys or tokens)
  • Provide a set of Tasks to work with the API
  • Provide a set of Triggers to listen for events from the API
  • Allow you to use the full underlying authenticated SDK client directly

An example

This job sends Slack messages when a new GitHub issue is opened on the triggerdotdev/ repo.

import { Github } from "";
import { Slack } from "";

//1. create GitHub client using a token
const github = new Github({
  id: "github",
  token: process.env.GITHUB_TOKEN!,

//2. create Slack client using OAuth
const slack = new Slack({
  id: "slack",

  id: "alert-on-new-github-issues",
  name: "Alert on new GitHub issues",
  version: "0.1.1",
  integrations: {
    //3. include the slack integration
  //4. use the github integration to listen for new issues
  trigger: github.triggers.repo({
    event: events.onIssueOpened,
    owner: "triggerdotdev",
    repo: "",
  run: async (payload, io, ctx) => {
    //5. send a message to slack
    const response = await io.slack.postMessage("Slack alert", {
      text: `New Issue opened: ${payload.issue.html_url}`,
      channel: "C04GWBTDQ7W",

    return response;

There are some things worth highlighting here:

  1. Integration clients can use API keys or tokens.
  2. Integration clients can use OAuth.
  3. Integrations are added to a Job by adding them to the integrations.
  4. The Job Trigger can use an Integration to listen for events from the API.
  5. You can use the Integration to make API calls inside the run function.


API Keys and Tokens

You provide the API Key value when creating your Integration client. Keys aren’t sent from your server by the service, they are local to your servers. We recommend you use a secure method of storing these values and passing them to your code, like environment variables.


You can use the Integrations Dashboard to setup OAuth for an Integration. We make it easy to use OAuth by dealing with the OAuth flow, token refreshing and storage for you.

You can use OAuth to authenticate your internal team with an Integration or to allow your users to authenticate with an Integration – we call user authentication Connect.