Full projects

As well as our Showcase we have an open source examples repository of full projects you can fork for your own use.

To run them, simply follow the instructions in the README files linked below.

Project NameDescriptionIntegrationsAuthorStatus
OpenAI text summarizerAn app which uses OpenAI to summarize an article and then post the result to Slack.OpenAI SlackTrigger.dev
Supabase onboarding emailsWhen a user signs up and confirms their email address, they will receive 3 “onboarding” emails over 2 days using Resend.com and Trigger.devSupabase ResendTrigger.dev
Generate presentation titles using OpenAIGenerate presentation titles using OpenAI background jobs with Node.js, Express and Trigger.devOpenAIlirantal
Send a basic email with ResendSend a basic email from a form with ResendResendTrigger.dev
AI changelog generatorGenerates a changelog from your GitHub commits using OpenAIOpenAI GitHubTrigger.dev
AI avatar generatorTurn yourself into a superhero using AIOpenAITrigger.dev
AI landing page copy generatorCopies your site and generates new copy using OpenAIOpenAITrigger.dev🛠️