SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider that allows you to send email without having to maintain email servers. With our SendGrid integration you can send email campaigns, transactional emails, and automated emails (drip campaigns) from your app.

Installing the SendGrid packages

To get started with our SendGrid integration, you need to install the @trigger.dev/sendgrid packages. You can do this using npm, pnpm, or yarn:

npm install @trigger.dev/sendgrid@latest


SendGrid supports API Keys. Official documentation here.

import { SendGrid } from "@trigger.dev/sendgrid";

const sendgrid = new SendGrid({
  id: "sendgrid",
  apiKey: process.env.SENDGRID_API_KEY!,


Once you have set up a SendGrid client, you can use it to create tasks.


Send emails with SendGrid.

Example jobs

Code examples

Check out pre-built jobs using SendGrid in our API section.