Getting started

If you have not yet set up in your project, go to the quick start guide.


npm install


Our Supabase package supports two different integrations: One for the Supabase Management API and one that wraps the @supabase/supabase-js client.

Management API

The Management API is used to manage your Supabase organization, projects, and databases. It can also be used to trigger jobs based on changes in your Supabase database. Works with OAuth or Personal Access Tokens.

Supabase Client

Wraps the @supabase/supabase-js client to make it easy to use Supabase in your jobs to run queries against your database and access other functionality, like auth, storage, and functions. Works with your Supabase service_role key.

Example jobs

Code examples

Check out pre-built jobs using Supabase in our API section.