In the dashboard

  1. Go to the “Environments & API Keys” page in your dashboard Go to the Environments & API Keys page
  2. Select your endpoint row in the table of endpoints. Select your endpoint
  3. There is a webhook URL in the “Automatic Refresh” section. Copy this URL. Copy the webhook URL

How to use the webhook URL


You can use this webhook URL in your Vercel dashboard, so when a deployment succeeds it automatically refreshes the endpoint.

  1. From your Vercel team dashboard, select “Settings” Go to your Team's settings
  2. Go to the “Webhooks” page Go to the Webhooks page
  3. Select the “Deployment Succeeded” event, your Vercel Project, and paste in our webhook URL. Then “Create Webhook”. Fill in the webhook details
  4. You’re done! Whenever a deploy succeeds, Vercel will tell us to refresh your endpoint. You're done!

GitHub Actions

You can add a step to the GitHub Action that deploys your app.

- name: 🚀 Refresh Jobs
   run: |

You will need to setup the TRIGGER_ENDPOINT_HOOK secret in your GitHub repo. Set it to the webhook URL from the endpoint panel.

Do an HTTP request yourself

Any GET or POST request to the webhook URL will cause a refresh of the Jobs for that endpoint. POST requests don’t need a body. There is no authentication required.